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Coach Joe Chandler “Street Smart”Coach Joe Chandler “Street Smart”

Joe Chandler Coach Joe’s STREET SMART TRAINING PROGRAMS in Personal Safety and Innovative Fitness provide you with effective, practical, and entertaining training experiences! These programs have served thousands privately and have established him as a innovative and passionate Coach, Instructor and Communicator in the areas of Personal Self protection and Functional Fitness. Coach Joe has been a respected, sought after Presenter and Instructor based out of the Northern Virginia Washington DC Area for 30 Years and counting! Street Smart always provides Certified, Insured, and Instruction You Can Trust!

Coach Joe worked as a Professional Role Player for Federal and Local Law Enforcement Academies, PAU’s and in-service, for several major national and in private personal training gyms and with thousands of clients in the greater Washington Dc for almost 30 years.

Joe Chandler - Certified Personal TrainerThe Street Smart Training Approach makes a commitment is to implement learning, understanding, and interactive training for successful client progression. For a truly satisfying consistent training experience  continued motivating stimulation it  is needed challenging both your mind  and body.

The Street Smart philosophy is to motivate, stimulate, and provide a challenge both neurologically and physically in every workout. This technique is essential to the success of each individual’s progression, endorsed by clients ranging from beginners to the elite competitive athletes for peak performance. “I learned, hands on and developed processes and programs from clients with ailments, nagging, pre-existing conditions, disabilities, and/ or imbalances. I help people heal and progress”! “ ~Just Help Me Help You~” Jerry Maguire

“Everyone needs a spark of inspiration and a refreshing change for motivation! Experience something fresh, new, and real that applies specifically to their needs to find a true balance and achieve fitness of the Mind and Body!”

“Transformation is a process” – Each work out incorporates a different flavor. Different apparatus, target work, kettle bells, mobility, balancing, and of course a fantastic stretch and relaxation for concrete results.

Three different amazing session focuses result in Progressive Lifestyle and Mind & Body Development:

  1. (OTB) Out of the Box Fitness Training – Foundations for Total Body Functional Fitness – A skill based format of Progressive Neuro -Balance, Strength, Mobility, Power, and Relaxation ~ A mind altering fitness experience! A progressive innovative blend for ultimate empowering balance and challenge of your mind and body. Just be warned you may to actually swear off massage and lose inches, requiring you to buy new clothes, after a total release of all mental and physical tension LOL!
  2. SFU – Situational Street Self Defense – The most effective, fun, practical, and interactive approach to learn hands-on realistic self defense
  3. Chan Tao Martial Arts – For Effective Life Skills, Progressive Technique Development – Learn from the seasoned and revolutionary master for effectiveness, conditioning Applications and Drills to develop your mind and body!
  • You choose the intensity level.
  • You chose your goal and desire for the result.
  • I will provide you with an experience that is educational, satisfying, and may change the way you view exercise and fitness training

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