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Thomas Roosens

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I came here from Belgium to the D.C. area to work for the embassy and decided to see what I could find here in the way of fitness training. At first I thought fitness in the U.S. was approached in a completely different way. I soon realized Joe just sees and creates a fitness experience that is challenging, interesting , and customized for each specific person. He can find a way to exercise anywhere with anything and it really becomes a fun experience.

Most importantly I am pain free and able to work out hard and very heavy with no significant soreness or injuries. He has a gift for
balancing workouts so you achieve maximum benefits with minimal soreness.

Bruce Henderson

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

FlAGalleryI have worked out and been athletic my whole life. I take good care of myself, eat well, and work out on a regular basis. I felt like I couldn’t break the through plateau I was stuck at. You really have to try The Black Belt Mystique &

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Hybrid Fitness System to believe it! Joe helped me break plateaus, become consistent again, and get my athletic movement and mobility back.

I feel like I went back 10 years and my recovery time is greatly improved. Joe is like a Bruce Lee in his philosophy and approach to fitness and the martial arts. The training is completely innovative, creative, and refreshing. Most importantly you will get results!

Ryan Harmon

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I had ran 7 marathons, multiple triathlons, half ironman’s, trained full contact in Muy Tai, and extreme sports. Being from Texas, I was looking for a real challenge, to cross train, and push to another level. I was also in the lottery for the actual “Ironman”. Joe challenged me in ways that took my body to the total extreme. I was totally ripped. I found muscles I didn’t know I had and felt my body worked on a totally different level.His imagination and insight is limitless.

The 1st marathon I ran after working with him I had no soreness, fatigue, or downtime afterwards. His concepts and systems of training are off the hook! Lamisil canadian pharmacy

Michelle Lichtman

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I could barely move my hips without pain and my mobility was terrible. After working with Joe I have scuba dived in Bali, ride my bike to work without pain everyday, and I even hiked a glacier! Joe is so creative and entertaining he should be illegal!!!!

Russell Green

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I was always involved in playing sports and athletics growing up. I was a very competitive sprinter & athlete. I was still doing what he refers to as The Old Mans Workouts, , LOL. I have hosted a popular cable television show”In the Box” and met Joe while interviewing him. He opened my eyes to a totally different approach to fitness and Street Application. I started training with Joe over 10 years ago for Street Self Defense and proficiency in control and restraint techniques.
I served in the U.S. Army and was working in the security field at the time. The Black Belt Mystique Programs & The Phenom Fitness System Joe has created contains exercises, functional stretches, and progressions that are amazing! Most importantly he gives you
applications for everything. To reach specific fitness goals or learn effective integrated Martial Arts from Joe he is simply Phenomenal!!!!


Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

Mr. Chandler’s creativity, perspectives, and applications are always progressive, comprehensive, and often revolutionary. I started taking martial arts from him at age 14 and always consider him my mentor. I have since become a Close Quarter Combat Instructor and served in the U.S. Marines. I have trained with the best of the best in the U.S. Military in many locations in the U.S. And abroad in the mixed martial arts,boxing, and multiple reality combat situations.

Joe is and always has been a true friend and cares about his students and clients. I learned so much from watching his ability to create effective exercises, drills, and unique approaches for each student, group, and client to reach their potential. In all my experience he still comes up with insights and concepts I have never heard or seen. If you want to get results and reach your goals Blackbelt Mystique and Joe Chandler is your answer.

Kelly Hoover

Posted on 29th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I was always thin growing up and it was never and issue. After getting a desk job for a few years my body really changed. I gained weight and was really out of shape. None of the old clothes fit anymore. I lost 6 dress sizes and wore the same outfit I hadn’t fit into in 7 years. Joe taught me how to have fun with the workout experience. Now I am actually running in workouts for the 1st time hard and really enjoying my life again!

Dr. Marvin Barnard M.D.

Posted on 15th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I have always been very athletic. I have worked out for well over 30 years and am always looking for new information and ways to advance and progress for myself and patients. I keep myself up to date on the new approaches and advances in the fitness industry.

I wholeheartedly endorse Black Belt Mystique &The Hybrid Fitness Systems. The imagination and innovation Joe has applied will definitely achieve results.

I personally have incorporated some great and completely unique exercises into every one of my workouts. His use of the “Stretchy Thangs” stretch bands is the missing link in every workout. Joe’s ideas will change your mind and body.

“Marvin Barnard, M.D. has incorporated several of the Phenom Systems innovative exercises and concepts into his very comprehensive fitness program.”

Yvonne E. Butler

Posted on 15th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

I just want you to know, how much I appreciate you as a trainer and as a person. You made a big difference in my life and my health. Your ability to tailor your training to my needs health-wise is unmatched.

I’ve had trainers on and off throughout the years and your style is at the top of my list. Working with you was my first time using the resistance training and with my knees being in the shape that they were, it was easy to complete the workout. I believe your training and the tools you left me with, assisted in the improve of my knees and my shoulder.

I felt that you looked at the whole person not just the shape my body was in but also, what I needed to do to get my strength back. You made the workout more of a time worth looking forward to verse a dreaded task because we did something different at every session and kept the workout interesting.

Your easy going approach, even when I didn’t want to do the work, create an atmosphere if peace which allow me to settle into my session and release whatever was holding me back at the moment.

Thanks for your time and efforts. I hope to get back in the swing of training again soon.

Peace and Blessings

Yvonne E. Butler
Legal Secretary, Jenner & Block LLP cvs Diovan

Bob Chaz, Govt Contractor

Posted on 15th Jun,2012 by in Category Testimonials

The Hybrid Training Studio has a very cool, unique vibe! Master Coach Joe Chandler has created the perfect training spot! Just the right layout and amount of room for a real workout and effective training!

Don’t let the building outside fool you! Joe has helped me, grow, learn, and progress as a person, in both mind and body! I have learned unique ways to approach fitness, balancing my body, and effective street self-defense that have served me well, as I travel frequently, abroad and throughout the US for work.

If you want the “Best Instructor, Teacher, and Trainer” in the DC/VA/MD area look no farther! Don’t let the outside of the building fool you. The Hybrid Studio is set up for training results and a great place to focus and get away from your everyday stress!