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Life Lessons By Coach JoeLife Lessons By Coach Joe

Get life lessons from coach Joe Chandler and learn how to change your approach and way of acting and thinking!

  • You have to be active to be attractive!
  • It’s not Rocket Science, No Really!
  • 95% of people are too self-absorbed to care if you succeed or fail. 4% of people’s opinions do not matter. Let the 1 % that challenge you, support you and care about you be your mirror.
  • Our biggest fear and source of anxiety, and motivation is what people think of us.
  • You have to know when you are done or finished. Sometimes we are both.
  • There can be a difference between working hard and hard work.
  • Live positively in the present for the moment, but learn from and effectively process what we learn from the past.
  • There are a thousand reasons to stop a bad habit. How many reasons are there to continue one? The biggest often is usually our ego convinces us that we can control the consequences.
  • Your strongest asset can be you weakest link.

If you want to change your progress and results, we need to change our approach and way of acting and thinking.

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