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Street Self Defense & Self Protection Planning – We can come to your desired location or you may attend an event at our studio location designed for optimal results and a safe training environment.

All seminars are tailored and focused on your specific demographics and attendees. You will be active, get a great workout and feel empowered from the experience!

  • 101 - Identification of Threats & Attackers Weaknesses, Verbal Deterrents, Evasive Movement, Verbal Tactics, Control/Neutralizing Opponent, Effective Striking Techniques
  • 102 – Verbal Commands, Control to Submission, Going to the Ground, Multiple Opponents, Developing Effective Combos
  •  103 – Psychological Integrated Tactics, Weapon, Knife, Gun Techniques

*Law Enforcement and In – Service Training – Tailored/Advanced training for Security, event staff, Local and Federal Law Enforcement Personnel.

* Contact us at for specific pricing.